Park Terrace West



Madison, WI



Project Information:

8 story, 67 unit Apartment

building with one level

underground parking near

Camp Randall Stadium


Square footage:



Project Budget:



Construction types:

    Steel Frame with

    composite deck,

    precast concrete






Project History:


Project was the first to be constructed in a blighted area that had previously been used for rail worker housing and had outlived its' useful life.


Project replaced that housing with new student-oriented housing due to its proximity to the University of Wisconsin campus.


Project was very well received by residents and the community and is colloquially referred to as "the Grasshopper".



-Complete Project Design from

    inception to completion


-Contract Document Production

-Project Specifications

-Consultant Management,

     Budget Tracking and


-Construction Cost Estimating

-Contract Administration

-Construction Supervision

Regulatory Agencies

    City of Madison

         Urban Design


         PUD/SIP rezoning