The Humbucker



Madison, WI

bark design


Project Information:

8 Story, 75 Unit Apartment

building with one level

underground parking


Square footage:



Project Budget:



Construction type:

    Precast Concrete




Project History:


Project had very aggressive program, schedule, and budget goals.


A bearing precast structure was selected due to schedule constraints and fabrication availability to meet the required construction schedule.


Project was delivered 3 weeks ahead of schedule , under budget, and was 100%  pre-leased 2 months prior to completion.



-Project Development and Management, Scheduling,

     and Entitlements

-Proforma Creation and Budget Tracking


-Staff Management and Budget Coordination

-Project Design, Code Reviews,

   Detailing, Budgeting

-Consultant Management, Budget Tracking and


-Project Specifications

-All Land Use and Building Permit

   Submittals (PUD/ SIP) and


-Construction Administration